On March 22, 2018, the Indonesia AIDS Coalition (IAC) hosted a regional forum on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) across the 4 SHIFT countries– Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Some of the talks given during the forum include:

The Challenges and Opportunities to Integrate HIV into JKN, Bapak Hasbullah Thabrany, Senior Health Financing Adviser, The National Social Security Council (DJSN)

PLHIV Perspective on JKN Implementation (FGD Preliminary Result), IAC

Social Health Insurance in Indonesia, Current Policy,Pusat Pembiayaan dan Jaminan Kesehatan

What is UHC and what does it mean for HIV communities, Jonas Bagas, APCASO

Sustaining Access to Medicines for Universal Health Coverage, Les Ong, United

Nations Development Programme

The Realities of Universal Health Coverage in Malaysia, Chiu-Wan Ng, Faculty of Medicine University of Malaya

Universal Health Coverage and HIV/AIDS Benefit Package in Thailand,  Dr.Panthep Khananuraksa, National Health Security Office Thailand

PhilHealth’s UHC Journey, Mary Antonette Yason-Remonte,MD, PhilHealth

HIV Investment case analysis and Sustainable HIV Response through UHC, UNAIDS Indonesia

Implementation of Indonesia’s Social Security for Health, Dr. Donni Hendrawan, MPH, BPJS Kesehatan

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